Welcome to Eco Virginia Holdings, Inc

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our clients in a professional and efficient manner, with an emphasis on superior quality of services that would ensure client satisfaction as well as the progress of our company.

Industrial Hygiene

We offer a broad range of industrial hygiene services to identify specific hazards (e.g., chemical, physical, and biological) in indoor and outdoor environments, and recommend efficient and cost- effective corrective measures to address them.

Health and Safety

Our trained and experienced health and safety specialists are capable of evaluating a broad range of work environments for safety concerns, in accordance with applicable regulations (e.g., OSHA), and industry standards and guidelines (e.g., ANSI).

Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability

Our environmental scientists and ecologists are committed to integrate natural resources conservation and development, in order to ensure environmental sustainability.

Property Management

We offer a broad range of property management services for single and multi-family residences, commercial office buildings, public facilities (e.g., parks, recreation centers, schools) and other facilities (e.g., warehouse/industrial/retail properties).